• Hi bitches

    Apparently I’m still a member until October 31st. This place is a ghost town, have tits.

  • Nudes

    Is anyone fucking alive? Probably not. Let’s all turn into naked sluts.

  • I love Sassy

    I love you Sas!!!


  • Do you think people have value beyond being whipped and fucked? I sure do love my Xangan friends, but sometimes I think the real lifers are vacant in the noggin. 

    Of course I’m really vacant too. I must be a vapid fuck to just think about giving oral to everyone. Am I ever going to get to lick pussy just once?

    I would like to think I’m multi-dimensional, the problem is I just think about cock, pussies, and spooning peoples eyeballs out.


    Maybe me poking out my own eye was a result of my subconscious fascination with eyeball trauma…

    I’m thinking about my amazon wishlist and what I am going to buy. Should I buy the riding crop and beat the shit out of someone with it? 

    I mean, sexually, of course.

  • No one?

    No one will ever love you. The words keep reverberating in my head. No one? It probably meant nothing to him when he said it, just one of those vile side effects of “love.”

    I was temporarily blind from a corneal abrasion. “Can you make me a Dr.’s appointment?” After that question I was yelled at and had to feel away around my house, trying to shower, trying to brush my teeth… being berated while I was blind and in immense pain. 

    No one will ever love you.

    Sometimes I think my story is being written by a hormonal teenager. Did it give her some kind of sick pleasure to make her protagonist “Loveless”, like it was some fucking clever symbolism. Well, Mr. Story Writer, I’ve caught on to my own nominative determinism, I get what you’re doing.





  • Where all the Xangans hang out now

    Basically, most of us have migrated to Facebook. There are 2 main groups that are public, and a secret group that you have to be invited into to join.


    I want you to make sure you create a Facebook account.

    You do not have to include your real name or your picture, create a Facebook account for your Xanga


    Then join Xangaville (this was the first Facebook group, created by @myxldove)


    and then join Xangaforever (this is our largest Facebook group with over 1,000 members! Created by @thetheologianscafe



    If you are looking for me on Facebook, my main account is temporarily disabled, but you can add my side account: https://www.facebook.com/nataly.loveless.52  And yes, I will add you no matter what.

  • Xanga Shutdown Depression

    The loss of the community is going to be sad, but I don’t think that most of us are social media butterflies. If we cared about people reading and seeing our shit we would have moved the fuck out a long time ago.


    I’m going to be the most depressed about losing a place where I share my deepest thoughts and feelings. Even if it doesn’t go under, most people will lose that unless they pay.


    Jesus fuck, can you think about some of the stuff we post about here that has happened to us? Rape, domestic violence, sexual abuse, relationship problems, eating disorders… etc etc. Where the fuck else would we post this shit? At this point, I’m as open and honest as a human being can possibly come. I over share way too much, and I’ve lost any sense of human dignity a long time ago, but even I would never post about an eating disorder or rape on any other social media sites. let’s have a thought experiment here.


    THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Say you are walking down a dark alley and some thug jumps out from behind a trashcan and knocks the wind out of you. He throws you to the ground, takes out a spoon, and proceeds to remove your eyeball from its socket. Once removed, the thug rapes your eye socket. WHERE WOULD YOU TALK ABOUT THIS SHIT AT? 

    You’ll probably post on Facebook that you’re in the hospital and okay, but you aren’t going to go into detail about your eye socket ordeal. The place where you’d vent and get out your feelings and recount what happened to you would be on XANGERZ. Is there any social media equivalent for that?

  • shit balls

    My computer is fucking dead. Right now I’m typing on this mini shit, but I am a giant amazon woman so this is NOT satisfactory for my long fingers. It’s my Mom’s computer and she is getting weirded out about all of the dicks I’ve downloaded on it.

    We had a kitchen fire. That was fun.

    I caught an opossum.

    named him Hermie. He’s running free in town now. Bastard hissed at me! But I gave him a hot dog anyway.

    gotta catch up with everyone when I get a new computer. bai

  • Celebrating Phallic Diversity (WARNING: PENIS)


    HERE IT IS, A CELEBRATION OF COCKS RIGHT IN TIME FOR FATHER’S DAY. Where would we all be without cocks? Not here. 

    Penis Poetry

    Some cocks are little,

    some cocks are long,

    some cocks are dark,

    some have a white schlong.







    Oh penises, you are great. You can sword fight each other and burrow into all of our love tunnels. How we worship your bright shiny heads and little testicle friends. 


    Penis Party




    Penii Confidence 

    I have a lot of guy friends, and I have learned that it doesn’t matter if a guy has a fat foot long, most guys are worried about their weenies. Well that’s okay, your weenie is fine how it is. Cut, un-cut, long, short, fat – your weenie is a special weenie. A special little snowflake that makes your hands all sticky. In the words of the porn star and MENSA member Asia Carrera, “You can reach my G-spot just fine with your finger, so anything else is redundant!”


    You may be thinking, “but Shimmer what if some ho doesn’t like my PENIS?”

    Mushroom stamp her(or him), take a picture, add it to a Facebook album, and then kick the dumb bitch out. PROBLEM SOLVED. You don’t want to be around bitches who think your caviar penis is some McDonald’s shit meal, do you? You want a cock connoisseur. Someone who will dress your dick up and talk to it, or at least eat it and not bitch about it.


    Ok Shimmer, then why do some women/men think huge monster dicks are the best? Why are there “size queens?”

    Because society tells us huge dicks are the best and people are gullible as fuck. Want an example?:


    Yes, those dumb fucks are tasting the EXACT same product and they are convinced one actually tastes better than the other because someone told them it does. So would it surprise you that somebody prefers a cock society idolizes?

    Any sexpert will tell you great sex basically has nothing to do with cock, and everything to do with communication. ASK LESBOS.


    Penis Exercise

    No, I don’t mean cock push-ups. I want you to do something. I want you to imagine a blackboard and think of 1-3 negative things about your penis. Maybe you think it smells like rotted cabbage, maybe you think it’s too little. That’s ok. Now write it down on the blackboard in your head.

    NOW ERASE THOSE NEGATIVE FEELINGS AND REPLACE THEM WITH THREE POSITIVE ONES. Isn’t your penis pretty? Does it taste good? MAYBE IT’S NICE AND SMOOTH. Now write those on the blackboard.

    Don’t you just feel fantastic? Maybe you should put a little perfume on your hoo hoo dilly and make it dance. Don’t you feel great having a little dick friend?


    In Conclusion

    Catch me on Alex’s blogtalk radio and tell me about your cock. http://lithium98.xanga.com/773891043/on-the-road-less-taken/  Happy Father’s Day

    WOW, COOL.



  • A big big thanks to you

    Big big thanks to all of you and to @Cakalusa and @thetheologianscafe for the reddit post. @Cakalusa‘s reddit post reached #1 in the kickstarter subreddit, and my reddit post, at its highest point, reached #8. You guys did an absolutely amazing amazing amazing job. The technology subreddit we posted in had 3,160,800 readers and the kickstarter subreddit had 7,701 (but a lot of people online.) This may not have given us any new donations ASAP, but it helped reach people and made them aware, now maybe more people will be more apt to spread the news.

    A big big big giant thanks to all of you. I have been dating this super hot guy so I haven’t had time to thank you properly. If there is anything you would like me to do for you, or help you with, please let me know. I’m just so amazed at the community and everyone who joined in. I didn’t think we’d get that many people. You guys are truly amazing. We can and will survive.

    THANK YOU for all of the recs that Cakalusa and I both received, the recs were vital because we needed to reach a lot of people so we could coordinate our efforts. THANK YOU. If you want a free cyber session on Facebook, or want some phone sex, please ask. y’all deserve it.