Month: March 2013

  • A story of lost friendship as told by bunnies


    I got mah nailz did and sent them to mah frand.



    He tried to show me up.



    NAW, BITCH. I’m not having it.


     My little asian friend didn’t work hard buffin’ my nails for nothin’.


     I says, “bitch you ain’t nothin’ but a poser.”


    You will never be as fabulous as me







    Go troll @Lithium98 for not being as fly as me.

  • Pro abortion =/= Pro choice

    My sister recently got knocked up (BC failed), and she is already getting pressured to get an abortion. Guess what assholes, if you are pressuring a woman to get an abortion, you are NOT fucking pro choice! You are PRO ABORTION and coercion! Eat shit and die. I am proud of her for sticking to her guns and doing what she wants instead of giving in to some cunt. 

    Also I’m excited to be an aunt!

    Seriously Christians, stop bombing abortion clinics, bomb the people who pressure women into abortions against their will. They are the real evil fuckers.


    Thanks for all of the responses I received in my previous post. I post my problems here because you guys give heartfelt answers that give me new perspectives. The users here have wisdom and heart. I am getting back in the Xanga groove. I am in the process of replying to everyone… I am a bit distracted because @bohemianlotus gave me the rest of the A Song of Fire and Ice series. That shit is like crack.


    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you 


    I don’t know how to repay all of my friends here (and I consider anyone on Xanga a friend here before I’d consider any of the fuckers I know IRL a friend) for all of the kindness they’ve shown me, SO HAVE MY TITS.



  • What do you do before a death of a family member?

    Death is a final thing. I’m not sure what I’m going to feel when my Dad dies, and I’m not even sure I should be asking this question. I guess I kind of block this out of my head, I don’t really want to deal with it, but it’s final. What if I fuck up with dealing with this? I can’t take it back.

    So, if you have experience with this issue, I’d appreciate your input.


    My Dad will probably die around summertime?? To say we don’t have a great relationship… is an understatement.


    What do you wish you would have done before someone close to you died? If you had a strained relationship with one of your parents, and they passed, I’d really like your input.

    I really have no wisdom on this subject. Right now my tactic is to avoid any kind of emotional attachment and remain as angry as possible. I figure if I can keep the pent up anger til the end, maybe it won’t hurt as bad. But maybe it will bite me in the ass. I’m not trying to be an asshole, I just don’t really know how to deal with this or what to expect.

    I have time to prepare, so I guess I might as well be figuring out a game plan.



  • TheTheologiansCafe and breasts

    Poor Dan, getting yelled at about tits again. I’m glad no one yells at me about tits, and just yells at me to show them. No matter your stance on the issue, at least this controversy gets us constantly talking about breast cancer. Although people may be assholes to TheTheologiansCafe, it’s great he’s using all of the controversy to generate discussion about breast cancer.

    Today happens to be Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness day. The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation uses this day as a drive to get funds. If you would like to donate, please click the link below. Triple Negative Breast Cancer tends to target younger women, and is aggressive. Hormone therapies are ineffective against this type of breast cancer, and a lot of research is being done. About 15% of breast cancer is estimated to be TNBC. And a reminder, GET YOUR LUMPS CHECKED OUT ASAP! Even if you are young.


     This is a great video about TNBC from a sufferer that is going through the battle:

  • Would you like to do a 30 Day Shred Challenge?

    The 30 day shred is an exercise by Jillian Michael’s. There are 3 levels and you do it for 30days. (Each level 10 days) You can join at any time!!! The start date is today, but please come at any time. It’s about SUPPORT and making sure you get in the exercise every day. smooch The video you can follow is below. It’s free! Just do level 1 for 30days if you don’t have level 2 or level 3. Personally I don’t think the levels are that different.


    Step1: Add me on Facebook


    Nataly Loveless

    Create Your Badge


    Step2: Message or comment on my Facebook page saying you’d like to join


    Step3: You will be added to the group Easy Crazy Ways to Look Better Naked

    Step4: Do this workout everyday!:



    If you don’t have a Facebook but would like to be held accountable anyway, leave me a comment and I’ll try to remember to harass you.