Month: February 2013

  • Shut the fuck up PUSSY

    I now see why college girls become sluts.

    I am in my last week and a half of college and my vagina is throwing a goddamn temper tantrum. I joined online dating to meet some people, but basically EVERYONE is fucking shallow. It’s a trait I loathe, but as the saying goes… IF YOU CAN’T BEAT EM, JOIN EM. So I just started messaging people I found attractive regardless of whether they were shallow or not.


    With all of this stress of trying to finish college and periodically messaging things with cocks, my vagina is so excited and antsy to get some action.

    ME: *messages guy* Hey, I’m a vegetarian too! How are you?

    Vagina: LOL, like you give a fuck how he’s doing. You should ask him if he needs his dick sucked.

    Brain: STFU VAG, That’s totally not appropriate.

    Vagina: Bitch needs cock, her Vicodin is running low.

    Brain: Quiet vagina, she doesn’t like people.

    Vagina: LOL, whatevz. I bet I can totally get her to suck this dude’s dick.

    Brain: You know gonorrhea is fucking incurable now, right?

    Vagina: You’re a killjoy.

    Brain: You’re a slut.


    Back to homework.



    Sorry for the rant. Have tits:

  • Need a pick-me-up, ladies?

    American troops in the Pacific bathe during a lull in the fighting on the island of Saipan, 1944. Image: Peter Stackpole




    Have a nice day.

  • When is making fun of people okay?

    When they are overweight?




    When they are skinny?


    When they gain weight?



    When they have a body type you don’t believe fits in with a feminine standard?


    When they fit the feminine standard too well?




    When they dress differently than you?





    When they make music you don’t like?




    When they have sex?




    When they don’t have sex?



    When they are religious?





    When they’ve had plastic surgery?



    When they have a drug problem?



    When they have less money than you?



    When they have a different political ideology?



    When they have a different sexual orientation?








    Wow, what a good friend you are. I won’t murder you now. Maybe. OK Thanks for your cooperation. For your compliance you get boobies instead of death. Congratulations. Enjoy your boobies.





  • Happy Birthday to Ketterz [vlog]

    Rejoice, for today is the day our favorite sexy, alcoholic dominatrix was born. @whiskeystilettos



  • Why Domestic Violence Victims Stay

    I have noticed people genuinely asking why Rihanna stayed with her abuser. I have witnessed Rihanna accused of glorifying domestic violence. Even though I’m glad that publicity has brought this issue to the forefront, it irritates the fuck out of me when I read some of the comments.

    A lot of people STILL blame the victims of domestic violence. I think we’ve gained traction regarding rape and victim blaming, but sometimes I feel we’ve gotten nowhere with the domestic violence issue. People still tell a girl if she stays, then she deserves it.

    People don’t understand it because they haven’t been through it, so they don’t empathize. Why would you stay with someone who beats the fuck out of you? Why wouldn’t you leave?

     I am going to give you a short list to help you empathize.

    #1 victims don’t stop loving their abusers) Here’s the thing, after someone beats the fuck out of you, YOU DON’T MAGICALLY STOP LOVING THEM. There’s not a fucking light switch you turn on and off for love. That’s not how emotions work. I’m sure it’s degrading and demeaning to have your face look like a kicked in cantaloupe, but it doesn’t suck what feelings away you had for that person.

    #2 abusers can make it seem like the victim’s fault) It’s called gas lighting. From Wikipedia, “Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity.” I know, it sounds fucking crazy like something you’d never fall for, but it happens often where you will doubt your own memory. It’s easier than you think to make a victim believe it was their fault. An abuser can also use manipulative tactics to prevent you from calling the police, like, “You’re going to be the one going to go to jail.” This is very effective if the victim has drugs in her possession or does something else illegal. The victim might actually think it was his/her fault.

    #3 victims are good victims!) It’s not uncommon to be revictimized over and over again. Life situations can give an abuser advantage over a victim. It’s a lot harder to leave someone if they control and make money. Some people have dispositions that unfortunately make them prone to revictimization. Circustances like poverty, a fucked up family, and drug abuse also make someone prone to revictimization.

    #4 abusers make the victim’s livelihood possible) Through financial resources, see above.

    #5 they drain the victim’s self esteem) It’s not uncommon to have physical abuse accompanied with mental abuse. The victim is mentally beaten down enough to think he/she deserves the treatment so is willing to stay.


    At any rate, STOP VICTIM BLAMING. You are providing victims with secondary revictimization when you do. I don’t give a fuck if it’s Rihanna, or your neighbor. Jesus fuck flkdjaoifdao;jflkafjldahfoiewjflkla/ Also, I would like to add, MEN CAN BE VICTIMS TOO AND IT’S NOT FUCKING FUNNY.

    Quick exercise, shall we?