Month: July 2013

  • Do you think people have value beyond being whipped and fucked? I sure do love my Xangan friends, but sometimes I think the real lifers are vacant in the noggin. 

    Of course I’m really vacant too. I must be a vapid fuck to just think about giving oral to everyone. Am I ever going to get to lick pussy just once?

    I would like to think I’m multi-dimensional, the problem is I just think about cock, pussies, and spooning peoples eyeballs out.


    Maybe me poking out my own eye was a result of my subconscious fascination with eyeball trauma…

    I’m thinking about my amazon wishlist and what I am going to buy. Should I buy the riding crop and beat the shit out of someone with it? 

    I mean, sexually, of course.

  • No one?

    No one will ever love you. The words keep reverberating in my head. No one? It probably meant nothing to him when he said it, just one of those vile side effects of “love.”

    I was temporarily blind from a corneal abrasion. “Can you make me a Dr.’s appointment?” After that question I was yelled at and had to feel away around my house, trying to shower, trying to brush my teeth… being berated while I was blind and in immense pain. 

    No one will ever love you.

    Sometimes I think my story is being written by a hormonal teenager. Did it give her some kind of sick pleasure to make her protagonist “Loveless”, like it was some fucking clever symbolism. Well, Mr. Story Writer, I’ve caught on to my own nominative determinism, I get what you’re doing.





  • Where all the Xangans hang out now

    Basically, most of us have migrated to Facebook. There are 2 main groups that are public, and a secret group that you have to be invited into to join.


    I want you to make sure you create a Facebook account.

    You do not have to include your real name or your picture, create a Facebook account for your Xanga


    Then join Xangaville (this was the first Facebook group, created by @myxldove)

    and then join Xangaforever (this is our largest Facebook group with over 1,000 members! Created by @thetheologianscafe


    If you are looking for me on Facebook, my main account is temporarily disabled, but you can add my side account:  And yes, I will add you no matter what.